Head of Ward: Dr. Frashahian

Matron: Ms. Rajabi

The emergency ward in area about 300 square meters is located in ground floor and includes temporary hospital room with 4 supervised beds, Examination room, CPR room, Triage, EKG, Injection room and Outpatient surgery. Emergency ward is one of the most sensitive and more effective parts in Tehran Children Hospital so that the best equipment and technical staff are occupied. This ward in 24 hours with the most experienced medical staff affords high quality of services to the patients.


This part of emergency, with using head nurse of triage as an administrator, is responsible for separation and prioritizes patients and providing suitable services to them.

The emergency ward using equipment and expert staff includes pediatricians, anesthesiologist (resident and on call), nurses and Licensed Practical in 24 hours are organized to be responsible for medical services to the patients. 

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